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Unfortunately, where the house and techno scene is concerned, the prejudice still prevails that it has to be a man, who sends the hard beats from the stages of the world to the masses. Why else are there only 3 women in the Top 50 DJ Charts, as opposed to 47 men?

It seems to be easily forgotten that electronic music has various aspects to offer and that there are quite a few female DJs / producers, who aspire to more than just looking good with headphones and being familiar with the latest hits. These are the ones who strive to invent and forward harder sounds, without neglecting their audience and their fanbase. If you take all that and add some sexyness, you cannot get past the name ANIÈ. She could have easily turned into a member of a rockband or ended up singing “It’s raining men” under the shower, but no, such a development was not to be, ever since as a small child she put on the headphones and never looked back.
ANIÈ has been on her way as DJ and producer for over a decade now and is a well experienced artist. She is fascinated with the wide variety of musical elements and has an unlimited imagination of how to use them. ANIÈ is a musical artwork, a symbiosis of melodies and expressing emotions through them. Inspired as she is by many genres, her heart is in electronic music, in what she describes as “girlie techno”. She clearly favours not the standard, but the combination of passionate basses with soulful melodies.

ANIÈ is open for musical experiments and new projects, and never stands still in her work. This is clearly audible in her productions. Her motto is to simply do what she likes doing. Electronic music is a heartfelt matter to her, which she feels immensely passionate about, since it is what makes her and her fanbase happy!

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