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 Betreff des Beitrags: MietzHouse Podcast #17 - Tom B
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High 5 guys!
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#17 by Tom B
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Leipzig and its musicians – they are quite something. The city’s music history includes Johann Sebastian Bach, Matthias Tanzmann and Thomas Brachmann. However, Brachmann is probably rather known under his acronym TOM B. Although TOM B. reads “tomb”, “grave” in the English language, in the context of music, it stands for his DJ sets and productions fully enjoying live. People say that Leipzig is the new Berlin, especially when it comes to clubbing and music. Paul Kalkbrenner was born here, however, he moved to the capital, later. What used to be dark and sooty due to the established industry and coal mining is now surrounded by newly created see landscapes, thriving with new life. Leipzig has come to be known as “Hypzig”. TOM B., born in 1984 on the southern outskirts of the trade-fair city, has experienced that amazing change first-hand, has even given it is own face. He started to perform as a DJ in 1999. In 2001 he had his first gig in the legendary Distillery club that is Germany’s oldest House & Techno Club. Up until the year 2005 he was a Distillery resident, he was the first five years of the millennium at home, here. Since 2009 the Skyclub is his home base, unless he has gigs in Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Additionally, TOM B. has been a member of Dusted Decks right of its outset, which counts 9 years by now. His sound is characterized by House, Deephouse and Tech House. Remixes for David K. and Nicolas Hannig, M-22 and Anton Ishutin are what he is known for. TOM B. will take part in the “About:Berlin” Compilation by Universal Music and present “Drive without Engine”. His productions are released on Damm und Klang Gymnastik, Fukai, Music/Great Stuff and Well Done! together with remixes by Lexer, Teenage Mutants and Rich vom Dorf or by Ron Flatter, Nico Pusch and Thomas Lizzara. Even if the year 1984 – which marks the birth of TOM B. – predicts a rather dark vision in the eyes of George Orwell in 1949 – we have to say that looking back at 1984 now, in 2015, that year must have been an excellent one! Music by and from Leipzig is en vogue – and we rightly owe that to Tom B., too!

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[Philip Rosenthal]

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