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 Betreff des Beitrags: MasCon @ Køsmos Podcast Nø. 78
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Engagierter Helfer

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ø1 - Could you give us more details about your project Dualit with Oliver rosemann and why did you decided to end it ?

dualit is still alive and it was never ended, we took a break and focused other projects. As we started dualit we decided to pause all other things around us. This was good to focus the project hardly! After the first 50 tracks we finished we both decided to work again on our own things for a while and this is still ongoing. I am sure dualit will be back any day!

ø2 - You are a gear lovers, what is your producing set up?

I love gear and I use in the moment my modular system, Korg MS10, Spectralis, Nord Drum2, Tr8, SCI Six-trak and Roland Juno 106. Some
Outboard Stuff and a bunch of Eventide Stomboxes.

ø3- If you had to hold one record which one will be ?

I have a lot of favorite records. I choose Surgeon Pet 2000 on Downwards (Lino10), Badger Bite is killer! Its more than 20 years old and I still get goose bumps when I listen to it. That is how it should be.

ø4 - What are your main influences ? not especially techno

I came very early into Electronic Music. I was totally caught as I listened to Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre and of course KLF, Prodigy. But my very first record was 1990 Guru Josh Infinity ^^(goose bumps again)
My first listen into "real" Techno was a sampler from 1992 with Trax from altern8, zero zero, LFO etc. That was the beginning, 2 years later I started DJing.

ø5 - Do you have other kinds of music that you are listening to?

Before Techno I was into Hiphop and Nirvana stuff, Skater times. Now I love things like Portishead.

ø6 - Some words about your next projects and releases?

With my best friend we started the project Schutzkontakt which has one EP last year on AiiA Records (France). I am also working on some small projects I started, Pearcant and Fimir. Pearcant is much more experimental and Fimir should meet more the main Idea of Techno. With MasCon I will keep the harder stompin stuff. And dualit stays dualit, lets see when it will wake up again ;)

dualit - Silat
Fimir - Replicants
Jeff Mills - Cobolt
Gagarin Kongress - Astralleib (Joey Beltram Rmx)
Cari Lekebusch - Mister Spettaren
Clemens Neufeld - Dark Desires
Sudden Reflect - Mirror Construction
MasCon - Wartzup
Matt TdK - untitled#9
WarinD - Kiefer D (Pearcant Remix)
Schutzkontakt - Frage
dualit - Mast
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