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 Betreff des Beitrags: CUBBO Podcast #069: Pappenheimer (DE)
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Jörg Ringleb aka Pappenheimer was born on the 24th of October 1983 in Würzburg, Germany.

On the contrary to what some people might think, he was not born holding a vinyl or spinning on a turntable. As a matter of fact Jörg was only able to get down and dirty with records at the age of 14, but from then on he was in his element there was no stopping him! There are even eyewitness reports of him doing 12 hour marathon sets!

Even back then one could definitely see – or should one say hear – that music wasn’t just some kind of hobby, but like today a big part of his life.

Jörg’s interest in music has come a long way from Hip-Hop over Breakbeatz to his favourite style of music – electronic.

Jörg is always on the lookout for new records – it’s like an addiction. And this addiction leads to a continually growing collection of records, with which he creates the innovative and energetic sets he is known for. This is something he puts his heart and soul into!

Jörg has been quoted saying: “There is nothing more inspiring and awesome than seeing people dance to my sets.”

The most important thing for Jörg is that his listeners enjoy his music, because that is what drives him on.


Mark Greene - Luma (Original Mix)
Drehmoment - Ricardo Garduno Remix
Pappenheimer - Trippin (Juliana Yamasaki remix)
Gene Karz - The Great Patriotic War (Matt Mus Remix)
Pappenheimer & Darpa - Abfahrt
Mark Broom - Red (Gerry Beck Remix)
Michael Schwarz - Batshit Insane (Original Mix)
Muscle - (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Disturbance - Pfirter Remix II
Dynamite - Sutter Cane Remix
Blood Stain - Michael Schwarz Remix
David Temessi - Dirty People (Darpa Remix)
JanFleck - Tannhauser Gate
Markus Suckut - CorpPappenheimer & Linus Quick - Afterhour

Follow Pappenheimer on:

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