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 Betreff des Beitrags: BEATZCAST 47 - Miss Melera
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1. Hi Miss Melera - your biografy or a cool press text could be here now, but it's not ;) How would you formulate one of these points in a fitting sentence?

To be honest I’m not really in to biographies as well ; ) But I think there are people who are definitely interested. Okay, to keep it short: I’m Miss Melera and living in Amsterdam. It’s my full time job since three years. Playing almost every week and more and more in other countries. Just came back from my first Brasil tour. That was magical. I released two EP’s on Parquet and Einmusika Recordings and working on new tracks at the moment.

2. When was your first time? Ummm...better asked, in which situation were you first situated at a mixing console?

Oefh my first time behind my turntables is 13 years ago… I collected vinyl and had a passion for music. Never had the feeling before: I want to be a DJ. It just grows how it is now. Of course it isn’t that simply. I work hard and at the moment I can’t think of something else. I’m addicted ; ) haha.

3. Where does your taste of music end?

I’m open minded but straight in what I like and what I don't. Difficult to describe why I like something and why not. I do listen to other genres as well. Of course. Like electronica, ambient but always something with a nice atmosphere. At this moment I’m listening to Above and Beyond - Robot Heart Yoga at Burning Man 2014. Really relaxing and very beautiful.

4. How would you characterize your music?

Full with melodies and maybe with a feminine touch. But I do love big baselines, something uptempo and “raw” as well.

5. How do you think that the music industry finds talent?

I think talents and passionated music lovers will find the music industry by themselves. But they will never find you as long as you let it hear to anyone…

6. What roll does Performance-Musik play these days? More specifically, what roll does it play for you?

7. What are the 3 main thoughts when you play, specifically when you lay your track?

How is the atmosphere? How is the crowd, it the sun shining or is it raining? Is it inside, is it a festival? I do everything by feel.

8. On the subject of DJ's and their specific brands...what's your brand?

9. Have you heard of the 12 classic DJ-poses?
Can you find yourself?

I heard about it. But I don’t want to put myself or other dj’s in a “border”. It’s funny to see by the way, but every artist is unique and not like a picture with only one pose without moving ; )

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