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 Betreff des Beitrags: Anthony Rother - K K Podcast Berlin #50
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It is Sunday the January 25th and the premiere of the fiftieth podcast I present to you the legendary Anthony Rother from Offenbach am Main, Germany !!!
The name Anthony Rother first appeared in Germany's vibrant electro scene with his first two releases, "Sex With The Machines" (1997) and "Simulationszeitalter" in 2000. In 1998, the producer from the city of Offenbach set up his own label platform "Psi49Net". With the release of his virtual electro-pop project "Little Computer People" (2001), followed by the album "Hacker" (2002), Rother firmly cemented his reputation as an important proponent of the electronic dance music scene.

In 2004, Rother's "Datapunk" label took over the reigns from "Psi49Net", heralding a realignment of his previous sound. Both his "Popkiller" album and "Super Space Model" (2006) were released to widespread acclaim from critics and the public. With the dawn of his newly coined term "moderntronic", Rother in 2007 embarked on a different route in his exploration of the symbiosis of electro and techno. 2008 then marked the release of Anthony's first fully digitally produced album, "My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft". In 2010, Rother released "Popkiller 2", the sequel to the first Popkiller album both in terms of the logical progression of familiar motifs and as a retrospective of his own musical development since the first album. With a run of CDs released on the Frankfurt-based label Fax Records – including "62 Minutes on Mars", one of the label's fastest selling releases – Rother revealed the more experimental side of his oeuvre. May 2012 sees the release of Anthony's two newest tracks "Grid Stripper" (including a video track) and "Ape Machine" on his Datapunk imprint.

In addition to DJ performances at home and abroad, Rother continues to advance his hardware-based live activities. Using machines operated in real time, he has performed countless renditions of his live set at big-name events around the world. 2012 will see Rother debut his newest live concert format. Working closely with video and graphics artists, the new stage show will feature a form of dramaturgy that focuses more on the interaction of music and visuals. Both musically and visually, the two-hour live set bridges the worlds of art and club culture.

Ever since the start of his career in 1997, Anthony Rother has also managed to make a reputation for himself as a co-producer and remixer, working with some of electronic dance music's most notable artists. Besides projects with ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos, Rother has repeatedly co-produced and remixed Sven Väth (both on his albums "Contact" and "Fire" and for countless tracks and 12"s). He has been a long-term production partner to Munich-based DJ Hell, including work on Hell's LP "Teufelswerk" (2009). Other work includes remixes for artists like Nena, Tiefschwarz, Ellen Alien, Thomas Schumacher and AUX-88 from Detroit in the US.

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